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A tourist sees. 

A traveler experiences.

I am a travel advisor who turns tourists into travelers by focusing on travel with a purpose. I work with those who want to go beyond the usual sightseeing to immerse themselves in the local culture, to explore, who want the less traveled areas, to learn and experience new things, to make meaningful, lasting changes in their lives, whether big or small, leaving them enriched and rejuvenated.


I work with corporate travelers to green their business trips so that travel is better for the traveler, better for the environment - a win-win for all concerned.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the travel industry, my expertise and resources save you time and allow you to spend money wisely. 


I will be there when you need me.


It’s personal to me.

 Fredi Helton

 Certified Travel Advisor

 Certified Travel Consultant

 Certified Travel Industry Executive

 Good Travels Advisor


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