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 We are 14 months into the COVID-19 pandemic and what a difference a year without travel has made. Carbon emissions are down, water is cleaner.  As travel returns, there are things we can do as travelers that will help.

When traveling, take non-stop flights whenever possible to reduce the carbon emissions that come with takeoff and landing. Pack light:  the lighter an aircraft, the less fuel used. Keep in mind that Alaska, Delta, United and JetBlue offer a carbon offsetting program.  It is in addition to the cost of a ticket and may be added on-line.  Funds are used for environmental protection and conservation.

 A hotel near meetings means shorter drives with less emissions. As a guest, make yourself at home:  take short showers, hang up towels, turn off the lights and television when you leave your room. Choose restaurants offering locally sourced food, wines and seafood.     

Just a little effort can make a big difference!


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